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Live Listing for Capital Raise in Wrazel Investment Marketplace

Get seen by investors in the investment marketplace. Your investment opportunity is live on the Wrazel Investment Marketplace. You have a dedicated place to display your investment opportunity and all the due diligence for your project. Investors can find your opportunity in the marketplace and can see your investment only if they are self-accredited investors.

Private URL for your Capital Raise

You have your own private ecosystem with a unique URL to send to investors you meet at trade shows or wherever. This not only protects you legally from sharing information with non-accredited individuals, it also gives you a place to house all investors you’re in contact with and control the information you present on your company and your offering at all times.

Annual Passes to Wrazel Events

Two annual passes to attend Wrazel Events. Wrazel hosts monthly cannabis investment events that allow you to network with cannabis investors and business people.

*Subject to availability and registration*

Wrazel Presents your Offering Offline

Wrazel has a large network of investors that are offline. These relationships extend to individual investors, family offices, and venture capital firms. Wrazel is happy to make introductions to our networks once your investment opportunity meets our quality standards.

Pitch Investors at Wrazel Events

Present in person to investors at one of our Wrazel Cannabis Investment Events. We record your presentation and put the recording on your online capital raise.

Reviewing & Editing of Investment Opportunity

We will give you feedback on your capital raise and give you actionable feedback to improve your documents and presentation. Our team is constantly collecting feedback from investors. We provide you with investor feedback along with suggestions for improvements on your capital raise.

Capital Raise Compliance

An SEC/FINRA compliance check is required in order to list your Opportunity on the Wrazel Marketplace. Wrazel is legally obligated to run an SEC/FINRA compliance check on any opportunity being presented on our Marketplace. To avoid a conflict of interest, the SEC/FINRA compliance check must be paid for by the business that is raising capital.

You will own the SEC/FINRA report and be able to share it with whomever you please. Wrazel does not post these reports for public view – it does, however, state that you have satisfactorily passed the check, thereby building credibility with Investors.

Social Media, Email, and Print Promotion

Inclusion in our monthly marketing across our Social media channels & website. Our team produces print flyers about your investment opportunity and distributes them at the live investment event that you will present at. Inclusion in general email campaigns and event-specific campaigns.

Video - Company Vision & Mission

Wrazel will produce a 3-minute video about the vision and mission of your capital raise. This is your opportunity to share your story and connect with investors on an emotional level.

Podcast - History & Back Story

Join our CEO Brian Barbuto for a featured podcast. The podcast will give investors a deeper understanding of the history and backstory of your company.

Video of your Live Pitch

Present in person to investors at one of our Wrazel Cannabis Investment Events. We record your presentation and put the recording on your online capital raise.