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Cannabis is growing - and the investors know that. In spite of the current climate, our industry is on the rise due to the continued growth in final product sales which constitutes the core of our ecosystem. On the other hand, with the current decline of the stock market and the traditional investment products, private and institutional capital sources have begun to deploy capital in alternative and direct investment opportunities.

This positions cannabis ventures at a very unique spot, where they can turn the possibilities presented by the global transition period, into real opportunities. Wrazel is a place where cannabis businesses can raise capital, attract investment, and secure the funding they need to meet their business goals.

We offer all the tools and services cannabis ventures need to obtain funding for their immediate and long-term plans.


How It Works

Currently, qualified cannabis businesses can choose to benefit from two different funding programs:


Join our Capital Raising Program and launch your own offering on Wrazel Investment Marketplace.

Submit the online application form. Once your account is approved, our team will begin to work with yours to put together all the necessary documents to complete the Offering Package. Once your investment opportunity is live on our platform, investors will be able to view the information and engage directly with you to proceed with the investment process.



Apply for our Bridge Financing Program and get a loan to carry your business to the next phase.

Submit the online application form. Once accepted, our team will begin to work with yours to put together all the necessary documents to complete the Loan Request Package. We will work with our qualified solution partners to match your business with the most applicable and reasonable terms.


No costs or obligation when applying

Apply today to raise capital



Wrazel helps businesses from all branches and aspects of the cannabis ecosystem, from cultivators, manufacturers, and retailers, to testing labs, and expert service providers in financial, legal and scientific research fields. We utilize an entire set of tech-forward programs and strategies to help entrepreneurs raise capital and secure funding in a safe and efficient way that other platforms cannot match.

Our job is to bridge the gap between cannabis ventures and cannabis investors.

When you seek funding through Wrazel, you'll gain access to:

Why Wrazel

In addition to a global network of capital sources, we will provide you with a number of fintech and marketing tools to help attract capital and interact with investors - from marketplace technology and capital stack structuring to brand strategy and investor outreach.


Investor Network

Gain access to an international network of accredited investors, family offices and private lenders that deploy capital in cannabis businesses.


Our SEC / FINRA check procedure will make sure your offering is compliant, and increase your credibility in the eyes of investors.

Direct Process

Our platform allows you to engage directly with investors, see who expresses interest in your company, and complete the investment process.

Manage Offerings

Once we build the listing we hand you a set of keys so that you can manage and update it to provide investors with the most current information.

Assistance & Guidance

We help prepare and enhance all the materials you need in the offering package to empower investors to express interest in your company.

Safe & Secure

Our 256-bit encryption generates a safe and secure digital platform to protect your information and provide user-friendliness for all parties.


No costs or obligation when applying